A Need For A Quiet Place. To Think, Retool And Be At Peace With Myself.

I am grappling with various issues in life right now. From trying to gauge the future of ministry work at Covenant of Grace, the Bible School, etc… Also, my involvement in assisting other churches. All this while busily working consistently to maintain life, paying bills, meeting with colleagues, and working each day. It seems overwhelming right now and I sense the need to put the brakes on and repose. I need to gain fresh wisdom and understanding concerning the course I am set to take at this time in my life.

With all this in mind I am praying about the right venue of contemplation, taking vacation time to meditate and pray. To gain fresh perspective and figure out plans financially, psychically and spiritually to fulfill God’s calling in my life. As well renewing the joy and laughter in my life. A challenge yes, a possible successful awakening. Yes.

I have always known in my inner spirit at what time I faced a brick wall, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I recognize it is that time. Now I need to sit back, repose and begin a time of renewal in a particularly busy time in my life. Amen.

Keep me in your prayers friends, loved ones and church family. Its time for some private time on the altar of prayer.

God Bless you and may our Lord encourage you in a special way in your life’s journey today.

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