The Russian Invasion And A Brave Nation Ukraine.

We have been seeing the onslaught of a nation’s sovereignty and dignity by a brutal so-called superpower, the nation of Russia. Its unprovoked and senseless slaughter of Ukrainian citizens, for nothing but the sheer pleasure of butchery. It has been one of the most incredible events of this Century thus far.

With no end in sight, but with a brave and gallant defense by the Ukrainian military. Ukraine Still Stands! The world is in awe, and 3/4th’s of the world prays, supports and is rushing assistance to the Ukrainian people. Never in my lifetime have I seen such bold leadership by our President, and the leaders of other nations, to support a nation & its peoples.

I believe a lot of this is because of the bold and outstanding leadership of  President Zelensky and its political leaders. Who have affirmatively stood together to fight as one unit for the common good of the Ukrainian people. They haven’t made massive concessions, not acquiescing to bullish pressure by Russia’s brutish leader Vladimir Putin. Seeing things for what it was early on, an ethnic cleansing of the Ukrainian people.

This is nothing new for Ukraine’s neighbor to the north. For former Soviet leader Josef Stalin starved and deported millions of Ukrainians in a vicious purging of its people for a political and scandalous cause. Starving them to feed his own in the north.

The war, with its killing and sickening inhumanity being bad enough, this previous cleansing or population transfer is happening again, and it has perilous historical repercussions for the whole world. Let me remind you of just what this  ” population transfer ” in its historical perspective is all about. Keeping in mind, Russia has already started on this course of operation.

Here are some excerpts from a course on Utopia and Terror ( chapter seven  ) by Professor Vejas Gabriel Liulevicius. That illustrates perfectly what Russia is trying to do in Ukraine today.

“Population transfer.”

In the war’s aftermath, a new war between Greece and
Turkey, largely forgotten today in the West, turned into an
important precedent for later radical measures by states,

euphemistically called “population transfer.”

Some 400,000 Muslims were moved from Macedonia, and 1.3
million Greek Christians from Turkey were sent to Greece.
The operation took place under international supervision but
included massacres and ethnic cleansing. In spite of this,
the population transfer was later hailed by European politicians

as a successful model of problem solving, with ominous results.

Problem-solving? That is ludicrous! It was unjustified, and such actions are never justified in any way shape or form. Look how that ” problem-solving ” worked for the Jews during the Holocaust. Millions died in ethnic cleansing, being slaughtered by Germans. Give me a break!

The international community must work wholeheartedly to bring this war to an end. Having Russia’s troops return behind its borders. Then answer the question of where are these people? What have you done to them all? Then a war crimes tribunal has to be called, that would try those who committed war crimes, bringing them to justice, and showing the world, this cannot happen again!

We are living in turbulent and troubled times. Yet, in these times, we need to find our moral compass. Standing for what is right, and institute measures that safeguard our humanity, protecting those who cannot without support stand up to tyranny of brutish nations without any regard to international law.