Summer Chess And Covid. A Quick Analysis, LOL.

Magnus continues to astound us all by pulling through online tourney victories with gritty determination. Hikaru Nakamura proves again that when it come to Blitz or Bullet he is second only to Magus. Anish Giri has played some fine tourney played play as well this summer, and is quite the online twitter guru as well. Peter Svidler put together some fine online tourneys, but not able to get to the finals as he would have liked, unfortunately he ran into a guy named Magnus in the semis, otherwise he could have had that final challenge he was striving for.

All in all chess has given us some great summer tourneys despite the classical approach of onsite chess being put aside during Covid concerns. We appreciate all those who worked to make this possible. From our current World Champ to Chess24, Chess.com and Lichess.org and various FIDE organizers. We all have benefited from some creative individuals during these past few months.

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