Songs On My Heart Today.

Monday I went to the ER and had prostate, bladder and kidney issues. God preserved me, but I have found myself being told to take two weeks off to heal. I have various devices I must use for those two weeks to help me to heal. This is not what I want to be doing, but I have to be thankful. Why? Well, because the doctor said if I came in one hour later I probably would have lost my bladder and had emergency surgery. Or, possibly lost my life, so I am grateful and do not begrudge this limited time of inconvenience whatsoever. Despite how much it hurts me right now.

I have seen some wonderful things in my life. I have had the best family, friends and kids in the world, and enjoyed God’s mercy in my life even on my worst days on this earth. Nevertheless, when I look back on my life the one thing I am so thankful for is that I gave my life to Him. He has never given up on me, and has never forsaken me when it was probably best to go the other way. Others did, and others gave up on me. However, He never has and I have no bitterness toward anyone who has done me wrong, or made assessments about me on the evidence they have seen or heard.

Sometimes circumstances in life have you make a Holy Ghost re-evaluation of things. Its not a bad thing, its a very good thing. Its in those hours and in those periods of ” pause, ” our Lord can help us to make changes, consider new ideas, and get fresh understanding. I sense one of those ” pause ” periods in my life now. Nevertheless, I am so thankful that God has been so kind to me despite myself, and has allowed me to know so many wonderful people in my life. He certainly has been so very good to me in every way. Amen.

I want to share a testimony I heard as a young 15 year old boy from Mark Warnke that touched my life then and still does now. It reminds me of the price my Lord paid, and the love so many have shown me along this journey of faith in my life.

To all be blest, be safe. Let not fear cripple you in the midst of this worldwide virus outbreak, and remember He loves you. His mercy will make a way, and I am trusting Him to turn this terrible situation around. Helping us all to ” pause ” and re-evaluate our values and our lives.


Mike Warnke, Three Men In A Cubicle.


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