Racist Speech Writer Of The Infamous ” Segregation Now, Segregation Forever ” Inauguration Speech Of George Wallace. Exposed.

Asa Carter was a curious man. A fantastic speechwriter for racists and had his own Liberty Broadcasts while George Wallace was governor of Alabama. However, when Wallace wanted to tone it down, and then try to begin to put behind his racist past. Well, that didn’t set well on Asa.

Asa seemed to disappear of the face of the earth, but instead he recreated himself as a Cherokee, yes, a Cherokee and began a new life in Abilene, TX.. Where he introduced himself as Forrest Carter. He would go on to author books and one even became a movie that Clint Eastwood played. This man, who should have been shamed and forgotten, conned his way through life. Never truly being cornered publicly to speak about the hypocrisy of his life.