Mikhail Tal The Magician Who Changed Chess.

Mikhail Tal The Magician Who Changed Chess.

I loved this recent article on Chessbase concerning Mikhail Tal. Besides being one of the most intriguing characters of his generation. Who changed the way many play chess. He was just an extraordinary individual, as a quote from a recent article in Chessbase reveals.

Milunka talks with tenderness about Tal’s unordinary simplicity and modesty: “He was absolutely uninterested in material gains. If I had told him, ‘Misha, there is a tournament in a little village close to Belgrade, we would love it if you could attend’, he would have said: ‘Okay, Milunka’. He did not carry anything in his suitcase. He never bought anything. Money for him had no significance whatsoever; it was just a burden to him. Never was and never will be another one like him”.

Here is the link below to this fascinating article.

Milunka Lazarević: “Tal is my Zeus” | ChessBase