Iran’s Spiritual Leader Respond’s To Our President’s Rhetoric And Nuclear Deal Discarding.

In the Tehran Times ( A major Iranian Paper ) The Ayatollah Khamenei reacted to our President, his past and present rhetoric, and the Iran Deal being tore up by the Potus. The actions of our Potus will radicalize the hard-liners and is going to make it hard for moderates to counteract.

” Ayatollah Khamenei said, “The new [American] president has laid bare the real nature of America before the eyes of the people of the world through his remarks and measures both during election campaigns and in recent days, and is showing the truth about America.”

The Leader mentioned the detention and arrest of a five-year-old Iranian child as an example of the American human rights and added, “May God’s mercy be upon the soul of the honorable Imam, who reminded [everybody] of the truth about America time and again in his remarks and writings, and insisted that the [Iranian] people and officials must avoid trusting the Great Satan by recognizing the [real] nature of the enemy. Today, the truth about the remarks of that departed loved one is clearly [there] before the eyes of all people.” ( From Tehran Times Article )

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