Hosea, God and Leadership

Hosea, God And Leadership

“They set up kings, but not by Me;
They made princes, but I did not acknowledge them.
From their silver and gold
They made idols for themselves–
That they might be cut off.
Hosea 8:4 KJV

In this very profound chapter from the book of Hosea. The prophet is notating that he and the Lord were left out of the equation, considering a choice of monarchy or leadership. Stating quite vigorously that the people had received leadership contrary to the divine order of God. Rather choosing instead to use criteria other than God Almighty’s input considering a choice of leadership. Because of these actions they would open up a conundrum of problems in the nation’s relationship with God, and the true prophets of God.

We see as we explore the next passage the direction the nation had gone. For in verse five Hosea rebukes the idol worship and religion being promoted in Samaria. A calf representing idol worship, and a king from whom man had chosen without the insight and petition of the true prophets of God. Thus, supplanting humble leadership of divine order which God required. Rather choosing to replacing it with man-made religion of idolatrous order. Therefore showing no heart for God, and no allegiance toward honoring the true voice of the Lord. Thereby giving God only lip service, and manipulating the religious community for their own gain.

God never intended for kings to lead his people, but he gave them one called Saul out of their ignorance. However, He also chose whom it would be, and through the prophet of God chose men of the best caliber He could. Saul was the first. Later on God would replace him with David because of his lack of respect toward the will of God. David was the king ” everyone ” overlooked, but whom the Lord chose because He knew he was a man after the heart of God. David would rejoice in his worship, he loved to sing, he loved the the things of God. He was a man though, and would make his mistakes, but who would also always return to the altar of God. He always, humbled himself, he always showed forth a spirit of repentance.

Humble leadership given toward repentance, and leaning toward grace toward all his or her people. Is the heart, mind and will of God. Supplanting or replacing such leadership with just quote ” qualified ” people or someone who treats his or her people with disrespect. Always leads to ruin and destruction in the long term. Things might be good for awhile, life might not seem to have changed much. Yet, in heaven God oversees the affairs of men and women. He will test those whom we have chosen, and in the fire of God’s presence. We will see their sins, their flaws, their lack of true anointing and exposed for all to see.

If you are in leadership of any kind. Honor the Lord in true humility, give your heart to Him. Let Him direct your heart. Let not your heart be persuaded by the misguided understanding of this generation, or the subtle manipulations of those with evil intent in heart. Seek godly counsel, wise men or woman whose hearts have been tried in the fire and have been found to be true to the core. Consider folks of integrity and not given toward the personal graft, greed or personal gain, but for the favor and blessing of others. There you will find God’s will, there you will find the favor of God.

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