Health And The End Of Summer

Summer is coming to an end and I am getting a bit bummed. Fall is nice, but not summer, and it is too short. Fall if prolonged is my favorite season of the year, but it always seems to abruptly end with Snow & Cold following. Yuck.

My health has drastically improved after surgery the first week of July. Dr. Feloney did a great job, and I am truly feeling myself again, and not having to artificially try to use items to perform normal body functions. That is so cool. Amen. My checkup by my dermatologist Dr. Huerter went well, no further malignant skin cancer, and except for freezing some spots to clear. I was otherwise in good shape.

Church work has been up and down the past few months because of health and such. I have started getting each week’s basic Sunday message recorded & edited, and we are navigating through the online vs some onsite parishioners being in attendance. However, it is all quite fluid in this post Covid world.

I pray you all are well, and taking precautions to avoid this terrible virus. We have had 5 folks in the fellowship who have had Covid. All of which have had repercussions even after the initial clearing up of the virus. Prayers are ascending always for those battling this epidemic, and those who are recovering from its after effects.


Love to All,




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