Following A Leader.


1 PETER 2:13–4:6

Following a leader is never easy—but it can become unbearable when that leader commits injustices. How can a person live under the rule of a government that does evil? How should Christians respond? These questions don’t have easy answers.

Writing to persecuted Christians who are, at the very least, oppressed in words, and likely also in physical actions, Peter tells his audience how to react to society. And Peter knew and understood what he was saying: At the beginning of his ministry, he was persecuted and imprisoned for preaching about Jesus and performing miracles in Jesus’ name (Acts 3:1–4:31; 5:17–42).

Our struggles are not just internal, in our minds—they are also external, in the world around us. How are we to live today, in a society gone wrong?


John Barry, from 1 Peter: We Are Refugees ( Logos Bible Library )