Focus Bible College And You.

If you are a prospective college bound student, or a christian who wants to increase their biblical knowledge. I highly encourage you to check out Focus Bible College. I have been a minister with Full Gospel Restoration Ministers & Churches for years, and this college has a lot to offer a prospective student.

Focus was started years ago as Full Gospel Restoration Bible College, but in the past view years has changed its name to Focus. It was started by Dr. Orvil Tice many years and I have had the good fortune to take over where he left off. First, as the Vice President of the college and now as its President.

We are based out of Florida and are accredited by ACI, and certified by the state of Florida. Our programs range from Christian Education, Christian Counseling, Theology, Ministry, etc.. Our degrees now even offer a developing PhD program, and is expanding all the time.

Please come by and check us out at focusbiblecollege.org. I know you will be glad you did.



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