Covenant Of Grace Updates For August.

Late summer greetings to all our friends and family at CGMF.

We are currently making plans for transition into the fall with a new rotation of courses in our Mid-Week Neighborhood Bible Study groups. You might want to contact your Shepherd Leader or call the ministry’s main number at 402-305-5345 for information. Also we daily check the email at cgmfinc@gmail.com for any correspondence as well, so keep in touch & informed.

Reverend Vossen is working toward recording, and reworking some of the current archives. With some new features and some of the latest sermons from this past summer recorded at our Gathering services. We have not had our regular team together for recording at Gatherings, and the software has changed. Its been a bit of a learning curve. Reverend Vossen is trying to step into help with its processing, believing we can learn how to use this new audio editing software to our advantage. Otherwise, we will go back using Audacity as we did for years.

This past summer we had 33 folks repent and come to Christ, 21 baptized and many folks receiving the Holy Spirit baptism. It has been an exciting summer, in the midst of what has been a time of retraction, then re-establishing of the structure of the ministry. We are grateful for those who have stepped in on a interim basis to meet various ministry needs.

We will have a Shepherd Leaders planning session on Saturday evening September 14th. Various new appointments, and business related information will be discussed. Location and details will be forthcoming.

Please keep Reverend Vossen and the ministry in prayer. We certainly have gone through five months of change, but structurally it was necessary. We are working toward re-establishing more consistent fluidity in the months ahead.

Remember your weekly or monthly gifts to the ministry, they are always appreciated, and keep this ministry functioning in its vision & purpose.

In His Grace,

Jan Welch
Shepherd Leaders Communication Director

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