Christ Our Shepherd.

Christ is the Chief Shepherd

( Excerpt )

The concept of a faithful Creator (4:19) is pivotal to 1 Peter 5. As the Creator, God ordained the sufferings of Christ and his future glory (5:1). Leadership is to be carried out in conformity to that plan. In 5:1–4 Peter explained the wayleaders were to shepherd their congregations. He exhorted the elders to shepherd (that is, feed and care for) the flock of God among them. The imagery of the shepherd and the flock was used by Jesus when instructing Peter (John 21:15–17). Faithful church leaders are promised a reward that they will receive from Christ, the Head Shepherd (5:4). In 5:5 Peter quoted Proverbs 3:34to show the reason for humility. It reaches to the very character of God.

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