CGMF May Message From ” The Shepherd’s Desk. “

May 2018

Relief Is On The Way

Acts 3:20 CEB

20 Then the Lord will provide a season of relief from the distress of this age and he will send Jesus, whom he handpicked to be your Christ.

After a long winter we are finally embracing warmer weather. I know for many of us we thought it would never come, and there are times in our lives when it seems relief will never come. However, if we are faithful and never give up. God has a way of turning our distress into hope as He who has been handpicked for redemption’s work ministers in our lives.

For many of you the season has had you battle all sorts of winter maladies, and you have struggled with various life choices. Nevertheless, as you pursue the Lord He has found a way for you through those wilderness experiences, and has given you renewed hope.

As the warmer weather and sunny days have become more of our new season’s host. We are reminded that all things have its times and seasons. Nothing stays the same forever, and even life’s perfect winning streak can have its temporary losses. Yet, with faith and perseverance we press toward the Lord with greater vigilance. Acknowledging life’s comings and goings, and trusting Him to help us seize the opportunities before us.

Life is not a smooth ride. It has hidden paths, and diverse pathways to follow at times. The way is not always so evident to see, or easy to traverse. Life is not a joy ride! Nonetheless, if we will fix our eyes on Him who has been handpicked for our redemption. We have assurance that if we abide with Him, and follow His direction. We will navigate life’s difficulties, we will avoid the enemies land mines, and we will make our way to peaceful pastures to rest in the Lord’s grace.

With this message upon my heart, I challenge you to call into the CGMF Prayerline as we continue to meditate upon the care of the Good Shepherd. It’s truly amazing how the Good Shepherd know’s His sheep, and in our journey of faith touches our lives in so many ways. I know the daily Word will help you prepare for the upcoming season in your life, and give you hope each new day.

To listen in call the CGMF Prayerline at 712-432-8399 and use the Conference number 584684. Then hold to be placed in conference and the message will play.

I pray God’s best as you enter this new season. With God’s love revealing itself in a very special way. He is the Good Shepherd, and He cares of His sheep.

In His Grace,
Reverend Patrick Vossen
Founding Pastor

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