Betsy DeVos, Is She The President’s Kryptonite?

I haven’t done much if any political statements on my blog. However, this quote from The New Republic made me think. Is this the GOP’s Kryptonite that could stop a Potus re-election? Here is the paragraph that struck out at me.

In 2016, Darrin Camilleri was 24 and teaching at a Detroit charter school 20 miles from where he grew up, when Michigan lawmakers took up a measure to implement more rigorous oversight of the city’s charter schools. Seemingly anyone could open a charter in Detroit, and the schools closed just as suddenly as they opened. From his classroom on the city’s southwest side, Camilleri watched the reform effort fail. “Watching that play out really showed me the downside of deregulation,” he told me. “No one is holding anyone accountable.” That year, he decided to run for state representative in southern Wayne County, a largely blue-collar area that shades rural at its edges. Rather than hewing to standard Democratic talking points—health care, for instance, or Donald Trump’s erratic comments—Camilleri made charter school oversight and school funding his central issues, and in 2016, he became the only Democrat to flip a Republican state house seat in Michigan. ( The New Republic Magazine )

This statement reflects the policies concerning the GOP’s march against public education. A crusade Betsy DeVos, the president’s education secretary has launched. Cutting important projects, and empowering debt collection on college loans and so much more.This crusade against public education could come with a price. One paid for at election time in 2020.

My dad was a conservative Republican, but a practical one at that. He was an educator, and understood what it meant for people to have a chance in life. I asked him once why Nebraskans kind of buck national Republican norms at times, even though its basically a Red state? Education, Social Security & Medicare son, pure and simple. Education is the gateway to opportunity and Nebraskans don’t like you messing with their kids future. Secondly, adults don’t want the Government messing with cutting Social Security or Medicare, because it is a safety net in your retirement. Those are sacred cows, and when Republicans try to make excuses to cut, trim and take away educational opportunity’s or one health or financial security. Well, the fight is on!

I have never forgotten that, and this article from The New Republic has caused me to remember that day way back when. So, I wonder out loud, is Betsy DeVos and the Education Policies of DeVos, the Kryptonite or Achille’s Heel of the GOP’s 2020 election chances? Could it? What do you think?


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