Foss Linux Article On Bleach Bit 2.0

To all my PC and Mac friends Bleach Bit 2.0 is out!

Now, if you are a PC or Mac novice this product probably is not the best program for you. CC Cleaner might be safer for you, but if you have intermediate knowledge of computers, and especially a Linux user. This is a nice program. It truly erases programs, and works quite efficiently. I don’t really want to joke about it, but Hillary Clinton and some other government officials have used it quite effectively. LOL.

Anyways, it is a truly well made product, that truly can clean up your computer. Erase any residue of past garbage, and clean up your machine very nicely. Be careful with it, but if you have a lot of junk to erase, or some items just don’t seem to truly go away. Bleach Bit 2.0 will take care of that mess.

Happy computing.


Link To Bleach Bit 2.0 and article.


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