An truly outstanding read for anyone who seriously wants to understand the battle for civil rights, equality, racism and the fight African Americans have face for years.

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Excerpt From ” The Black Cabinet, ” By Jill Watts

On Saturday, September 11, 1932, the African American community of Cleveland, Ohio, packed the Saint James African Methodist Episcopal Church to hear the famous Robert Vann deliver a speech entitled “The Patriot and the Partisan.” Citizens’ highest call, he told the audience, was to love and protect their country—to put patriotism ahead of “blind” partisanship. It was time for African Americans to wake up and take up their patriotic duty. “The Republican Party under Harding absolutely de- serted us. The Republican Party under Mr. Coolidge was a lifeless, voice- less thing. The Republican Party under Mr. Hoover has been the saddest failure known to political history,” he thundered. “The only true gauge by which to judge an individual or a party or a government is not by what is proclaimed or promised, but by what is done.” Vann charged that the Republicans had been complicit in erasing many of the gains made by black citizens just after emancipation. No longer could the party presume it would receive unearned African American votes by at- tempting to cash in on the purported achievements of the long-dead Abraham Lincoln.

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