PlayMagnus Group Purchases AimChess.

May 18th, 2021

PlayMagnus Group Purchases AimChess As Part Of Its Platform.

AimChess has been purchased by the PlayMagnus Group. I have Play Magnus, Tactics Frenzy, Magnus Trainer & Chessable. I like Magnus Trainer and Chessable the best of the group. AimChess I have never had the privilege to use.

I already have such fantastic programs I use such as Chess Assistant 21, Shredder Chess 5 and others. I recommend these for those who seriously want to learn and play though. They are complete and very helpful.

  1. Shredder Chess Chess Tutor for basics.
  2. Chess King Platinum for leaning and practicing skills.
  3. Chess King Learn which has 84 english programs teaching every level imaginable using for the most part from the original Soviet Chess system to modern day. Brought to us by former Women’s Grandmaster Chess Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk.

Here is the link to an article talking about the purchase of AimChess by PlayMagnus.