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Chess for Amateurs

1963 US Chess Championship ( Bobby Fischer’s Amazing 11-0 run )

Keres’_Best_Games_of_Chess_1931-1948 ( Paul Keres Is One Of My Favorite Players Of All Time )

Vol 10 Selected Brilliancies 032518 printed book ( Carsten Is One Of My Favorite Chess Trainers )

Fabiano Caruana Will Be The 1st American Since Bobby Fischer Who Will Challenge For The FIDE World Championship.

March 27th, 2018

Chess News & More.

A Chess Study.

Study of the Month of February By

Pro Chess On Chess.Com Mentioned On ESPN.

Pro Chess League Article

TePe Sigeman & Co. Chess Tournament in Malmo, Sweden ( May 5, 2018 )

TePe Sigeman Article On Revived Event

Former World Chess Challenger Nigel Short Is Running For FIDE Presidency, And Is Asking Questions.

Nigel Article In Mumbai Mirror

Norway Altibox Tourney Continues Without Ding. Fabiano Manages A Nice Victory Against A Very Strong Sergey.

Chess24 Review of Norway Chess Day 5

Hikaru Nakamura wins the Paris Grand Tour Event. It was an event that had various leaders, and had some wonderful matches to enjoy.

Nakamura wins Paris Grand Tour

Great article from Ian and Boris on a variety of issues in chess and without. They just finished up a great tourney in Israel.

One of my favorite historical players is Paul Keres. He came so close so often to becoming the World Chess Champion, but fell short on various occasions. Was a great and challenging player. Here is one of his extraordinary games.