Chess And Covid Leads To All New Online Opportunities.

April 16th, 2020

Events All Over The World Are Canceled Because Of The Covid Virus. Online Chess Explodes To Fill In The Gaps.

With hundreds of chess events or opens cancelled. Chess has taken advantage of a huge opportunity with online chess. Even though there are concerns how they can truly secure a safe, or non-cheating environment in such venues. Nevertheless, Blitz and Rapid events are happening, with Classical matches for main events or super GM’s being proposed. Whatever is in the making will be fine with me. The proliferation of new online events, and all these super GM’s interacting with us regular joes. Well, its been fun to watch.

Chess24 has had two remarkable tourneys. A long running blitz tourney and the latest, the Pepe Cuenca Invitational.

Yesterday, in the Banter Blitz Championship it went right down to the wire with Magnus Carlsen the reigning champion losing to the young promising star Alireza Firouzja. It was a fabulous give and take match.

One of my favorite players of all time the 8 time Russian Champion Peter Svidler will face Jan Duda the promising young player from Poland in the Pepe Cuenca invitational shortly as well. I am looking forward to watching that match.

All this online activity I believe is for the best, and will see us develop a new world of opportunities for the Chess community in the years to come.

Here is the most recent article on the tourney and upcoming match with Svidler and Duda forthcoming.


March 12th, 2020

Coronavirus Affecting Various Chess Events.


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